Flowers from head to toe

This summer season all top designers decided to go top throttle in full blooms from head to toe. The past seasons wearing just a touch of floral was a good idea , be it with denims or just solid colours but this season go all in with this trend , its feminine , easy to pull off and effortless for those  you who are not too sure of this trend and would like to stick to your usual plaid , polkas and stripes , I assure you , you can’t go wrong with this .

Its hiking time

rando_jpg_4461_north_1160x_white OUTDOORS!!!! This year’s spring trends were dominated by hiking pants , boots , rope lines , utility wear . This collision of fashion and nature was one of the better trends that men were seen wearing this fashion week all the way from London to Paris via Milan. Windcheaters , walking sandals , knee length socks , shorts , beige coloured pieces were all a highlight . Now i don’t recommend going all in with this but  u can mix and match this items with colour blocked v-necks , or plaid shirts with a pair of hiking shorts , any olive or beige lowers with multiple pockets is a YES . In countries like india , where the summer heat makes it impossible to put full sleeves on yourselves , you can try wearing an unbuttoned plaid shirt on top of a grey or black v-neck or round neck.

Creative cuts

One shoulder cut outs.

Flashdance shoulder

After cold shoulders , off shoulders and slit sleeves , one shoulder cut outs are the next big hit . This trend is one of the most basic must-haves in your closet .

Paint it white 

White shirt dresses.

Banker striped outfits (wall street meets casual). 
White shirt dresses , one of my personal favourites along with the banker striped pieces (which can be styled with a white v-neck or a plain colourblocked skirt and stilettos) are here , white is the colour to go for in this harsh heat , get a white shirt dress with an intresting waist line , pair it with denim jackets , or a brown leather belt and boots or strappy flats and you are good to go , its both effortless and comfortable , and not to mention , quite sassy.

Camouflage rage

For all you men out there , the 90’s trends are back , striped sweaters , over sized shoulders on jackets , bomber jackets but the best of it is the Camouflage print , whether it is a shirt or jacket , pants or shorts you cannot go wrong with these. So Camouflage  your outfit up.

Khakhi is the new black

This summer we will be seeing a lot of khakhi , this utilitarian materail is fit for both street wear and formal outfits alike . It is just as sturdy as it looks elegant and subtle. It can be combined with floral patterns and solid colors both to create a fresh summer ready look.